Chimney Problems to Avoid

A weak chimney design and construction is responsible to various chimney related problems. So during the chimney design and construction adequate professionals who are certified should be employed. They inspect the whole project and development for the sound chimney design to avoid chimney related common problems. In this ways the maintenance cost is reduced incredibly in the long run.

chimney problems

The funnel of chimney accumulates combusted byproducts and smokes from fuel gradually. This chimney provides insulation from heat and risk of fire. Creosote is the main ingredient of fuel byproduct which causes the hazardous fires in the houses. Once this kind of flammable substance overheats and catches fire, it can occur serious damage to those areas.


Creosote is the byproduct ingredients deposited during burning fuel inside the chimney. This black and dark brown color tar are responsible for dangerous house fires because they very flammable. If chimney is not maintained regularly it can lead hazardous fires.

A good chimney system can be interrupted by this creosote by hold back the smoke into the chimney and invade the house. This is one kind of silent killer because it is odorless, tasteless and invisible.

Fuel Problem

To maintain an ideal chimney system one should use optimal firewood as fuel. For better understanding I mean to use low moisture firewood or seasoned firewood. Green wood is not recommended at all as they produce more smoke.

Blockage Problem

A chimney cap is one of the vital part to avoid the unwanted problems in chimney maintenance.  So Chimney installation should be consciously done for better chimney performance. It helps to keep chimney safe from unwanted objects into the chimney which can blockage the chimney tunnel.

Smoke leakage could be raised from top or bottom of the chimney flue. So a professional chimney inspection is vital in many cases.

To inspect the blockage, a chimney sweep brush can be utilized from the top of the chimney. Besides this any kind bottom leakage one should consider skill sweep professional for proper solution.

Cracks in the chimney flue

The bricks used in chimney should be inspected thoroughly before installation of the chimney as ordinary bricks can’t tolerate the higher temperature that fire bricks are able to tolerate.

If you found regular bricks during inspection it should be chisel out the old mortar and replace it with high temperature concrete.


Chimney dampness is inevitable problem to chimney. Basically this problem is often neglected as a result more damage and repair cost arises. Dampness accumulated from the moisture which penetrates the chimney flue due to the burning of coal and wood over many decades.

This is highly important to support flue ventilation to avoid moisture levels increasing in the chimney stack. To get rid from this problem lines the flue and strip the plaster somewhat away from the wall. This way walls get chance to dry. In the case of medium straining it can be plastered again after dried out the wall. Otherwise it can be paint with breathable painter which create barrier to moisture.

Every year thorough and comprehensive chimney inspection is highly recommended for better chimney performance.

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