When to Get Your Chimney Cleaned

I know some people who made a thumb rule to clean their chimney on regular basis. For example, some people clean their chimney once a year after the 50 uses where other people prefer to do a quick cleaning of their chimney once in a month.

when to clean chimney

I know, this sound bit weird, but cleaning your chimney on the time is very important to protect yourself and your family from any big fire destruction. If you look at the newspaper, there is always a news that how fireplace causes the destruction of the house only because the homeowner forgets to clean the chimney on time.

To help you to know that when it is time to get your chimney cleaned? We bring this article for you. You do not need to make a thumb rule or need to clean your chimney every month to stay at the safe site.

There are many sings which can easily help you to understand that when it is time to clean the chimney. This does not only stopped you to waste your time on monthly cleaning but also money as every time you clean the chimney, some resources must be used and they have some value of money.

Know the basic rule to clean the chimney:

Make it the thumb rule for your house or any place where you have a chimney (it could be office, shop or commercial place) that you will clean the chimney no later than the early fall. This means that you need to clean the chimney prior to the fire burning season start.

If you are planning to clean it by yourself, then you must do it in the summer but if you decided to hire a chimney sweep, then you can expect a quick turnaround.

Sings to know when to get your chimney cleaned:

Instead of explaining everything in detail, how about going to quick sings of the chimney cleaning? It will help you to know easily that when to get your chimney cleaned. So here are some important sings:

If you notice during the fire that creosote and soot start falling into the firebox

The honeycomb-like texture of creosote start building inside the chimney and rust etc

The thickness of creosote can also help. If you notice that its thickness has become more than 1/4 inches

You are a person who burns a lot of artificial logs and you are a heavy fireplace user

If you are burning other types of firewood likes unseasoned or green color firewood etc.

That’s not it. The spalling bricks, rusted firebox or damper, cracked chimney crown, damaged mortar joints and damaged wallpaper around the fireplace and chimney structures can also help you to know that when to get your chimney cleaned.

If you noticed any of these signs, it is time to get your chimney cleaned. You have always the option to hire the professional chimney cleaner or you can also do it on your own. The tools to require cleaning your chimney are a plastic sheet, chimney brushes, fiberglass extension rods and extension ladder etc. You may also need the cordless drill, dust mask and other safety items like safety glasses etc.

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