Benefits of Fireplace Inserts

The fireplace inserts have been invented in 1896 by Joab R Donaldson. It is a device which has been used to insert into an existing masonry fireplace. The reason behind inserting it into the fireplace is to improve the efficiency.

fireplace insert benefits

According to research, placing the fireplace inserts to your masonry fireplace can actually improve the efficiency rating by 10%. This means that your room or the area where you have installed the fireplace will be getting warm quickly.

When you burn the wood in the fireplace, only 5% to 10% heat stays in the room, the rest of heat actually goes up the chimney along with harmful combustion byproducts like soot. The inserts make your fireplace environment-friendly and it’s also reduced your heating bills from the very first month after you install the fireplace inserts.

This is not the only benefit of fireplace inserts. Let’s take a look at other benefits which you will enjoy if you install the fireplace inserts in your home, office or even commercial place.

Improved Heating Efficiency

The fireplace inserts are made of steel or iron. They installed inside the masonry fireplace. You do not need to install new masonry, as it can be installed to the existing one.

The innovative design of inserts improved the heating efficiencies of up to 80% and even more. To get better results, you need to ensure that the chimney is properly lined for the insert.

Environmentally Friendly

The fireplace inserts are environment-friendly. This is because of wood which we use to create fire in the fireplace. Wood is one of the most natural resources which is considered carbon neutral. When we burn the wood, carbon has been released.

For the environment, it is a responsible fuel choice. The inserts are designed in such a way to burn up the harmful combustion that releases by the tradition fireplace into the atmosphere.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

The fireplace inserts may not reduce the cost of annual chimney cleaning but it can be effective in the term to reduce the maintenance cost. The integrity of the fireplace has been restored when fireplace inserts have been installed.

This happened without paying the high price of rebuilding a masonry fireplace. The fireplace inserts come with the long-term warranty. This warranty covers the future repairs for free. Replacing damaged inserts are less expensive than repairing a masonry fireplace.

Cost Efficient

As a homeowner, saving cost will be your primary interest. Installing fireplace inserts can actually help to do that for you. It will eventually reduce the heating bills simply by providing your more heat.

When you start burning the wood into a fireplace with inserts, the wood will last longer. When there will be less leakage of the heat from the house, you will start burning the wood for the short time of period. This will result in less heating and cooling bills.

That’s not it; the fireplace inserts will also reduce the heating bill and costs because of the insulation. This will prevent the cool air to enter the house in the winter and escape the cool air to go outside in the summer. The glass door of the inserts will also prevent down draft problems.

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