Parts of a Chimney

If you have at least one chimney at your home, then you must be aware of the parts of a chimney. Why? Because it may need to required to get replaced or repair. Until you don’t know their name, how would you buy one from the market?

parts of a chimney

Here we are sharing the name and detail about the most important parts of a chimney.

Smoke Chamber

The smoke chamber is located right above the fire and below the flue or between the flue and the damper of the chimney. It is the where the combustion byproducts are compressed into the smaller space.

This allows the smoke to get exist through the chimney. The main function of the smoke chamber is to mix the smoke and rise into the flue. A good design of the smoke chamber also slops the walls.

Chimney Flue

The flue of the chimney is the area from where the fire travels up and out from your home. Many people confused the Chimney liner with the flue while these are two different things. It is a vertical shoot which allows the combustion martial from the fire to exit easily.

The chimney flue is not the part of chimney since ever. It has been introduced later to exit the smoke. The chimney flue has been made from the clay tiles. They are cheap and long lasting.

Chimney Cap

The chimney cap is not the part of the standard chimney. It has been added later. This is located at the top of the chimney. The purpose of adding cap is to prevent snow, rain, steel, birds, and debris to enter into the chimney.

The chimney cap also works as a spark guard. This prevents fires from being ignited on the roof.

Chimney Crown

Do not confuse the cap with the chimney crown. It is made from the cement and its main purpose is to stop water to enter into the chimney. The main purpose of the crown is to cover the majority of the opening of the chimney.

That’s why it is very important to inspect it on regular basis and replace or repair it when required.

Chimney Liner

It is one of the most important parts of the chimney because this protects the home from the intense temperature created by the fires. They have been encasing the walls of the chimney and lead smoke to get out of it.

Today the chimney liners are being made from different material like clay, aluminum, and stainless steel etc. The stainless liner is very versatile as it can be flexible to fit perfectly in the chimney. They clay liners are least durable.

Chimney Flashing

Flashing is the area where your chimney meets the roof. It has multiple tasks like preventing water from going through the roof and protecting your chimney from the moisture.

In short, this protects your home from the damages that could be happened due to weather condition. They are available in different materials which include vinyl, aluminum, copper, and steel etc.


The chimney damper is also known as throat damper. It is the part which closes and opens the fireplace to the chimney. It must be open before you fire is started. After the fires go cold, the damper should be closed. This will keep the drafts out of your home.

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